India is famous for spices in the world and peoples from the world are coming to India for spices and perticulerly soiuth India,Indian Homemade spices are famous worldwide for it’s taste and aroma.

Ketki is using original spices with its natural oil contents which maintain the favors and taste of the spices intact for the lomng period.

Process of preparing the Ketki Ready Mix Spices by traditional way Under the guidance of “grandma” ,”mother” and “50 years experience cook “who prepare for the various hygiene condition,

KETKI is famous brand for Namkeen and Spices since last 20 years and Known for it’s quality taste, purity and quantity in the region .

KETKI is first in Maharashtra or may be India introduces Ready Mix Spices in a powder form , without using the preservative, Artificial Color, Artificial flavor and without Edible oil.

While developing the taste of Ready Mix Spice we keep in mind the entire India, because after every 200 km we find change in Cast, Religion, Communities, language , food, taste, different type of soil texture, test of water and whether and the people of different zones are using different type of edible oil suitable in that whether, In north using Soya, Palm or Mustered Oil, South using Coconut oil, central India using Groundnut or Cotton Seed oil, In Rajasthan mostly the use Desi Ghee.